Retro mechanics

Creation of steampunk, industrial and vintage decor items

Current projects

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L’arca – Romania

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Abyss – Italy

This bar was inspired by Kraken, which  is perhaps the largest monster ever imagined by mankind. In Nordic folklore, it was said to haunt the seas from Norway through Iceland and all the way to Greenland. Of course, to be worth its […]

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Kaffeine – Greece

Since time immemorial, humankind has been preoccupied by inventions, passionate about bringing novelty into the jaded routine of the everyday life. Inventions have given shape to the world we live in. Every day we benefit from the ideas and work […]

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Bunker – Slovenia


Bunker is a theme bar set into the post-apocalyptic future, where not much has left of the world as we know it. Territories are controlled by clans, the world is wrapped into clouds of ash and toxic gases, rivers are […]

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