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We are a small company in the heart of Transilvania that gives life to ideas using our imagination , creativity , time and soul. Turning ordinary objects and materials into art is our way of expressing ourselves.

We are proud to present our work to the world and we hope you will enjoy it as we enjoyed creating it.Cristian VargaCo-Founder

The ideea that no object is made for a single purpose gave us the opportunity of using even the most common things in our builds. We use anything from teaspoons to car parts , from raw iron to glass bottles.

Big Retro Mechanics Moments

Sharing our work with Steampunk enthusiasts has taken us all over Europe. From creating custom art pieces in our home town, to fully decorating a post apocalyptic steampunk themed bar in Slovenia.


Interior design Bunker Slovenia


Interior design Abyss Itay


Interior design Kaffeine Greece


Interior design article in Igloo Magazine

Mixing old and new: fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age.

The creation of steampunk objects initialy started as a hobby turned into bussines at the moment we realised
that we should share our work with anyone who likes ”out of the box ” thinking and enjoys a different kind of art.

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